Bank deposits
Deposit amount
Deposit amount
annual rate
your savings amount
Interests shall be paid less withholding tax at source, if this is required by the tax legislation of the RoK.
The monthly installment is an indicative estimate and may differ from one calculated as of the date of a consultation /actual loan disbursement.
Beneficial conditions – highest interest rate
  • Maximum interest rates
  • No partial withdrawal or addition is allowed
  • For one day or more
  • Currencies: KZT, USD, EUR or RUB
Deposit facility
  • Daily placement
  • Interests are receivable on a daily basis
  • No partial withdrawal allowed
Flexible conditions for every client
  • Partial withdrawal
  • Replenishments whenever you like
  • For up to three months
  • Currencies: KZT, USD, EUR or RUB
Conditional Bank Deposits
Financing of subsoil asset or disposal site abandonment
  • For subsoil users and disposal site owners
  • Partial withdrawal
  • Replenishments are allowed
  • Currencies: KZT, USD
Turgyn Ui
For major repairs of communal property of a condominium
  • For condominium managers
  • Partial withdrawal
  • Replenishments are allowed
  • Currency: KZT
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