Cashback PLUS Credit Card
  • Interest-free period for up to 50 days
  • Preapproved credit is up to ₸ 3,000,000
  • Guaranteed cashback is up to 2%
Cashback PLUS Credit Card
3 mil. ₸
preapproved credit
48 mon.
maximum credit term
0 ₸
issue and first year of servicing
Details of the product
Up to 50 daysGrace period
Up to 2%Guaranteed cashback*

Interest rate during the grace period of up to 50 days,

beyond the grace period - from 22% p.a. (Annual Effective Rate of Return** is from 24.4%)

0 Tenge Issue and first year of servicing of the card
Up to 3,000,000 TengeCredit amount (preapproved credit)
48 monthsCredit term
0 TengeCashless payments using a payment card: servicing at trade and service companies, payments for customs services, including via the Internet
PayWay / Contactlessavailable
3D Secureavailable
up to 2% Bonus*

for any cashless purchases from sales outlets, service enterprises and online shops 


The maximum Bonus amount payable is 35,000 Tenge per month.

(per payment card holder, regardless of the number of payment cards held by the client) 

The maximum number of the Bonuses to be accrued per transaction is 10,000 Bonuses. 

The available Bonuses can be viewed on the Single Bonus Account using the Jýsan mobile application.

The information of the Bonuses accrued with regards to a payment card is included in the bank card account statement in the Bank's mobile application.

The Bonuses may be used through the Jýsan mobile application to pay for services or at the Jmart trade service platform. 


*The Bonus shall be accrued for any transactions conducted within the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as for online transactions outside the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

No Bonuses will be available for the following transactions:

  1. Cash withdrawal
  2. Money transfers, crediting
  3. Transactions related to payment for purchases or services rendered by financial institutions
  4. Customs duties /taxes paid, payments to the budget
  5. Insurance services paid
  6. Payment of bets and wagering, purchase of casino game pieces, foreign currency, precious metals and securities
  7. Payment of financial deals with bets, pawnshops
  8. Transactions related to payment for mobile communications, Internet and paid TV services
  9. Car and truck maintenance
  10. To find out more about transactions please see here.
Terms and conditions of the product are approved by the Board of Directors of Jýsan Bank JSC;
Minutes #28/08/20-01 dated 28.08.2020.
Safety and security
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