Child's Card
  • Bright and unique design
  • Motivation of a child “to earn” money by performance of the tasks
  • Free of charge replenishment of a card
  • Free of charge crediting money
Child's Card
21 currencies
up to 2%
higher cashback, if turnover exceeds ₸ 500,000 /month
0 ₸
issue, first year of servicing and SMS informing
Details of the product

Child card from Jusan bank is:

  • New impressions and experience. Independence sense.
  • Money management independently using own mobile application Jusan Junior
  • Motivation “earn” money by performance of the tasks and targets
  • Enhance of financial awareness

It is possible to order the child card with the use of the mobile application with delivery. 

  • If you have current multicurrency cards, so you may order the child card in the mobile application in section “Order a card or a product”>select “Jusan Junior” (Child card)> select a design and then fill in the required fields >select a convenient place of delivery.  
  • If you do not have any multicurrency card Jusan bank, you need, first of all, order a multicurrency card Jysan pay and then issue the Child card using the mobile application.


Opportunities of the parents for the Child card: 

  • Stipulated for the children from 5 to 16 years
  • Opened as an additional card to the parental account.
  • Account is opened for the parent, a card in the name of the child.
  • Issuance of the child card is made only subject to availability of the multicurrency card for the parent/fiduciary
  • Opportunity for the parents to manage the limits of the Child card:
  • Operations for the Child card
  • Operations in the Internet
  • Operations outside the RK
  • Operations on cash withdrawal
  • Card blocking using the mobile application

Opportunities of the child for the Child card:

  • Individual mobile application “Jusan Junior” with bright, colorful design
  • Earning points for performance of the task from the parents
  • Review of balance of the Child card and card statement
  • Payment for cell phone, transport and etc.
  • Transfers from the card or to the card
  • Contactless payment
  • Card blocking


Product details

Type of cardVisa Gold
Validity of the card3 years
Card currencyBy default, may be opened in 3 currencies KZT, USD, EUR. 
Can add up to 18 currencies in the mobile app Jusan: GBP, RUB, CNY, KGS, AED, TRY, CZK, CAD, AUD, CHF, HKD, JPY, SGD, DKK, SEK, AZN, GEL, THB 
Children's mobile app Jusan Junioravailable
Basic bonusesup to 2%*
Special offerUp to 25% Bonuses when purchasing an insurance product from Jusan Garant - mandatory civil liability insurance for vehicle owners in the Jusan mobile app
The fee for issuing the card0 tenge
Commission for SMS notification in the first year0 tenge
Annual card processing fee for the first/second year0 tenge
Cash crediting to the card0 tenge
Cash withdrawal

through Jusan Bank's ATMs:

- salaries, deposits/ loans (borrowed funds) – 0 Tenge;

- other than salaries, deposits/ loans (borrowed funds) – up to 1 million Tenge per month - 0 Tenge; if more – 0.6% (equivalent in another currency)

through other Kazakhstani banks' ATMs:

- 0 Tenge; up to 500,000 Tenge/month.

Cash transfers to another payment card/account with the Bank0 tenge
PayWave / Contactless available
3D Secureavailable

The maximum Bonus amount payable is 35,000 Tenge per month (within the framework of one payment card holder (regardless of the number of payment cards held by the client))

The maximum number of Bonus to be accrued per transaction – no more than 10,000 Bonuses.

The available Bonuses can be views on the Single Bonus Account using in the Jusan mobile application.

The information of the Bonuses accrued with regards to the payment card is included in the bank card account statement in the Bank's mobile application.

The Bonuses may be used through the Jusan mobile application to pay for services or at the Jmart trading service.

* The Bonus shall be accrued for any transactions conducted within the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as for online transactions outside the Republic of Kazakhstan.

** An additional fee may be charged by a foreign bank servicing the ATM.

No Bonuses will be available for the following transactions:

  1. Telecommunications (telecom services, Internet, television, etc.),
  2. Utility charges;
  3. Payments related to car and truck dealerships;
  4. Payment for railway tickets;
  5. Servicing, postal services;
  6. Filling stations;
  7. Pledge payments, bonds, taxes paid, payments to the budget, penalties.

More detailed information on bonus accrual can be found here.

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