New Jýsan Pay!
  • Bonuses of up to 2% of the purchase amount
  • A multicurrency card
  • Subscribe to packaged offers according to your interests
  • Free issue and delivery of the card
New Jýsan Pay!
up to 2% Bonuses per purchase
up to 15% Bonuses in packaged bonuses at your choiceelivery of the card
up to 10% Bonuses, if the Jýsan Garant insurance product is purchased
Details of the product
Main card 

Jýsan Pay – basic Bonuses of up to 2% 

Extra card categories at your choice 

"Cyber" package – for computer gamers 

"Travel" package – for travel enthusiasts

Bonuses applicable to the categories 

"Cyber" package Bonuses – up to 15% on STEAM

"Travel" package Bonuses:

– up to 10% for purchases made through the Travel Section of the Jýsan mobile application

– 0 Tenge for cash withdrawn from an ATM based outside Kazakhstan 

Category sign-up fee 

"Cyber" package – 200 Tenge/month

"Travel" package – 500 Tenge/month

Special offer

up to 10% Bonuses, if the Jýsan Garant insurance product, mandatory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners, is purchased through the Jýsan mobile application

Card currencymulticurrency 
Card issue fee0 Tenge
SMS fee0 Tenge
Annual  card processing fee for the first/ second year0 Tenge
Changing the PIN0 Tenge
Cash crediting to the card0 Tenge
Cash withdrawal

0 Tenge if the Bank's ATMs are used

0 Tenge for up to 500,000 Tenge/month withdrawn from ATMs of other Kazakhstani banks 

Cash transfer to another payment card/ account with the Bank0 Tenge

The maximum Bonus amount payable is 35,000 Tenge/month 

(per payment card holder, regardless of the number of payment cards held by the client)

The maximum number of the Bonuses to be accrued per transaction is 10,000 Bonuses. 

The available Bonuses can be viewed on the Single Bonus Account using the Jýsan mobile application.

The information of the Bonuses accrued with regards to a payment card is included in the bank card account statement in the Bank's mobile application.

The Bonuses may be used through the Jýsan mobile application to pay for services or at the Jmart trade service platform.


No Bonuses will be available for the following transactions:

  1. telecommunications (telecom services, Internet, television, etc.);
  2. utility charges;
  3. payments related to car and truck dealerships;
  4. payments for railway tickets;
  5. servicing and postal services;
  6. filling stations;
  7. pledge payments, bonds, taxes paid, payments to the budget, and penalties;
  8. to find out more about transactions please see here.
Terms and conditions of the product are approved by the Board of Directors of Jýsan Bank JSC;
Minutes #28/08/20-01 dated 28.08.2020.
Safety and security
We view the information integrity and the clients' funds as our top priority. We have been paying closest attention to the IT protection of our systems, processes, and software.
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