Charge Card
  • Currency: Tenge
  • Term: up to 12 months
  • Deferred payments at any sales outlets throughout the world at no additional charge!
issue and servicing*
interest rate**
installment plan for up to 12 months***
Details of the product

Charge Card privileges 

  1. Any goods and services by installments throughout the world without any restrictions;
  2. Long deferral periods;
  3. No interest rates applicable to the deferral period;
  4. Low deferral fees.
Limit amountfrom ₸ 20,000 to ₸ 1,000,000 
Currency Tenge
Deferral period from 3 to 12 months
Usage of the cardwithout any restrictions, at any branch store
Cash withdrawal N/A
Other fees2,000 Tenge payable per change to the current deferred period during subsequent months


Commission in case of a purchase by installments, the servicing fees for an embossed/ unembossed VISA GOLD 

Limit amount

Up to 3 months

More than 3 months (from the first installment period)

Limit: 20,000 Tenge

0 Tenge

0 Tenge/month

Limit: 50,000 Tenge

0 Tenge

490 Tenge/month

Limit: 100,000 Tenge

0 Tenge

890 Tenge/month

Limit: 150,000 Tenge

0 Tenge

1,290 Tenge/month

Limit: 200,000 Tenge

0 Tenge

1,990 Tenge/month

Limit: 300,000 Tenge

0 Tenge

2,990 Tenge/month

Limit: 400,000 Tenge

0 Tenge

3,990 Tenge/month

Limit: 500,000 to 1,000,000 Tenge

0 Tenge

4,990 Tenge/month


Open a charge card using the Jýsan mobile application!

* the card servicing fees depend on the period and limit amount
** 22% and higher (Annual Effective Rate of Return is from 24.4%), if you switch to the revolving plan
*** the deferral period of up to 24 months is possible, if you switch to the revolving plan
What is the charge card?

It is a card with a pre-approved credit limit. It is allowed to make purchases by installments within such limit for up to 3 - 12 months. The credit limit is to be restored once the full repayment is made.

Where can I use a charge card?

Subject to your approved credit limit, you can use the card to pay at any place that accepts the cards. You can pay for your purchase from a grocery, dental services, constructional materials and other stuffs. Our card has no limitations and can be used everywhere!

What is the deferral period I may purchase the goods for?

According to the card's conditions, a 3-months default installment schedule is generated, once you make a purchase using a charge card. As an option, until the end of the month during which you have made your purchase, you can extend the period by 6, 9 or 12 months using our mobile application.

What is the interest rate applicable to the card?

The charge card gives you a chance to purchase by interest-free installments! The interest rate for the card is 0% p.a., if you purchase by installments for 3 to 12 months.

How to make monthly installments to the card?

You can top up your card in any of the following ways: through the cash office at a branch of our Bank, through the Bank's ATM cash-in, from Kassa 24 terminals or by means of a money transfer from another bank using your charge card details.

What are the fees for the charge card?

The card servicing fee for the first year is 0 Tenge. The fee for a purchase by installments depends on the limit amount and varies between 0 Tenge and 4,990 Tenge per month.

Can I use the card to pay for items purchased online?

Yes, you can pay for your online purchases to the extent of your credit limit.

Will any penalties be accrued, if I fail to make an installment on time?

If you purchase a product or a service by installments using our card, the installment schedule will be generated automatically. The scheduled due date is by the 10th day of the following month. If you fail to pay on time, i.e. by the 10th day, you will fall into arrears and a penalty will be imposed for the failure to comply with the installment schedule. The penalty will be 0.5% of the outstanding amount per each day of the delay, but not more than 10% of the disbursed loan amount per each year of the bank loan agreement term.

Can I use my card abroad?

Yes, you can use your card to pay abroad. However, you should have in mind that the limit will be established in Tenge and if you pay abroad, the relevant amount will be withdrawn at the payment system's exchange rate. 

Will any fees be accrued, if I do not use the credit limit?

No fees will be withdrawn, unless you conduct a transaction with your card.

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