Charge Card
  • Currency: Tenge
  • Term: up to 12 months
  • Deferred payments at any sales outlets throughout the world at no additional charge!
issue and servicing*
interest rate**
installment plan for up to 12 months***
Details of the product

Charge Card privileges 

  1. Any goods and services by installments throughout the world without any restrictions;
  2. Long deferral periods;
  3. No interest rates applicable to the deferral period;
  4. Low deferral fees.
Requirements for the borrowersIndividuals - citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 21 years to 63 years on the date of repayment of the loan
Card typeVisa Gold
Validity period of the credit limit4 years
Availability period of credit limit3 years
Usage of the cardWithout any restrictions, at any trade network*
Acceptable amounts and terms of credit limits
  • 20,000 tenge - 3 months
  • 50,000/100,000/150,000 tenge - 6 months
  • 200,000/300,000 tenge - 9 months
  • 400,000/500,000/600,000/700,000/800,000/900,000/1,000,000 tenge - 12 months
Interest rate0% per annum
Installment periodfrom 3 to 12 months**
Loan arrangement fee: None
Loan service fees:According to the Bank’s current tariffs

*There are MCC exceptions (Merchant Category Code – a four-digit number that classifies the type of activity of a retail-service point) for which payment/ withdrawal from the credit limit is not provided. You can find more detailed information on the MCC exception here ( MCC exceptions on the installment card).

** The card service fee depends on the term and amount of the limit.

Limit amount

Up to 3 months

more than 3 months
(from the first installment period)

Limit 20,000 tenge

0 tenge

0 tenge/mon.****
Limit 50,000 tenge

0 tenge

490 tenge/mon.
Limit 100,000 tenge

0 tenge

890 tenge/mon.
Limit 150,000 tenge

0 tenge

1290 tenge/mon.
Limit 200,000 tenge

0 tenge

1990 tenge/mon.
Limit 300,000 tenge

0 tenge

2990 tenge/mon.
Limit 400,000 tenge

0 tenge

3990 tenge/mon.
Limit from 500,000 to 1,000,000 tenge

0 tenge

4990 tenge/mon.

Open a charge card using the Jýsan mobile application!

* the card servicing fee depends on the period and limit amount

** 22% and higher (AERR is from 24.4%), if you switch to the revolving plan

*** the deferral period of up to 24 months is possible, if you switch to the revolving plan

**** within the framework of promotions held by the Bank
Safety and security
We view the information integrity and the clients' funds as our top priority. We have been paying closest attention to the IT protection of our systems, processes, and software.
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