Program 600 billion tenge
  • Without limitation to the loan amount
  • From 5% per annum (with taking note of subsidies)
  • On the pledge of property
Program 600 billion tenge
Details of the product
Type of financingIndependent bank loan;
Revolving credit line;
Non-revolving credit line.
ProfileThe target group of the subject of private entrepreneurship is entrepreneurs / subjects of industrial and innovative activity (defined in the State Program for Business Support and Development "Business Road Map 2020", approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 522 as of August 25, 2018) and implementing projects in priority sectors of the economy (in accordance with the List of goods for lending to priority projects)
Financing priority projects in the following areas:
1) processing in the agro-industrial complex;
2) production in the agro-industrial complex;
3) manufacturing and services.
Credit line / loan amountNo limits
Currency Tenge
Purpose 1. Investments
2. Working capital financing

At the same time, for the purpose of working capital financing, the Bank is entitled to direct no more than 30% of the issued credit funds per Borrower.

This restriction does not apply to the financing of production projects in the agro-industrial complex. 

It is not allowed to send funds to refinance previously issued loans, to buy stakes and transactions between related parties in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Term of availability of credit lineNot more than 12 (twelve) months, it is possible to extend the availability period for a period of not more than 12 (twelve) months.
If the credit line is open for 12 (twelve) months, the period of availability is not more than 11 (eleven) months.
Credit line term 1. Investments - up to 84 (eighty four) months inclusive
2. Working capital financing - no more than 60 (sixty) months
Loan/ tranche term1. Investments - up to 84 (eighty four) months inclusive
2. Working capital financing - not more than 36 (thirty six) months
Interest rateNot more than 15% per annum (annual effective rate of return - from 16% per annum)
SubsidySubsidies are provided at the expense of funds provided for by the State Program for Support and Business Development “Business Road Map 2020 (SP BRM 2020) and the State Program for the Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2017–2021 (MOA).
Subsidies are provided for loans with a nominal interest rate not exceeding 15% per annum:
- processing in the agro-industrial complex and the manufacturing industry and services – 8% paid by the subject of private entrepreneurship (SPE), the difference is subsidized by the state;
- production in the agro-industrial complex:
1) on investment projects – 10% per annum is subsidized by the state, the difference is paid by the subject of private entrepreneurship (SPE),
2) on loans for working capital financing – 5% per annum is subsidized by the state, the difference is paid by the subject of private entrepreneurship.
The term of subsidizing loans directed for investment is not more than 7 years without the right to prolong the term of subsidy.
The term of subsidizing loans for working capital financing is no more than 3 years without the right to prolong the term of the subsidy.
CollateralImmovable property, movable property
Commissions and finesCommissions, fees and / or other payments related to the loan are not charged, except:
1) related to changes in loan conditions initiated by the borrower;
2) charged as a result of breach by borrowers - subject of private entrepreneurship obligations under loan agreements;
3) related to the independent assessment of the pledged item, the registration of the pledge agreement and encumbrance relief; 
4) cash management payments. 
В in accordance with the approved rates and / or decision of the authorized body of the bank.
Additional requirements and restrictions for the project

The following projects are not eligible for funding if SPE:

1) provides for the release of excisable goods, except of projects involving the release of alcohol-containing medical products (except for balms), registered in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a medicinal;

2) has overdue loan indebtedness over 90 calendar days at the time of crediting or filing a loan application according to the credit bureau;

3) is a persons with a special relationship with the Bank;

4) is registered in the offshore zones specified in the order of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 10, 2010 No. 52, and (or) the resolution of the Board of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on regulation and supervision of the financial market and financial organizations dated October 2, 2008 No. 145 “On approval of the list offshore zones for the purposes of banking and insurance activities, the activities of professional participants in the securities market and other licensed activities in the securities market, the activities of funded pension funds and a stock investment funds”, as well as members, and (or) shareholders of which are registered in offshore;

5) if its founders (including participants, shareholders) are state-owned enterprises / institutions, national managing holdings, national holdings, national companies and organizations, fifty and more percent of shares (shares in the authorized capital) of which are directly owned by the state (except of social and entrepreneurial corporation, as well as a private business entity established under a public-private partnership agreement), persons affiliated with them, and private businesses whose ownership is registered as a private institution and non-profit organizations

Borrower requirements:

maintaining / increasing the average annual number of jobs based on tax reporting data or achieving 10% revenue growth after 2 (two) financial years from the date of the decision of Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund JSC to subsidize.

*According to the minutes of the Management Board No. 35-19 dated 20.03.2019
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