• Up to 80% of the value of property to be purchased
  • Up to 25 years
  • 7% p.a.
up to 80%
of the value (loan amount)
up to 20%
of the value (down payment)
annual effective rate
Loan conditions
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Loan amount
Loan term
monthly payment
The monthly installment is an indicative estimate and may differ from one calculated as of the date of a consultation /actual loan disbursement.
Details of the product
Requirements for borrowers 
  • You must be 22 - 60 years old;
  • You must be a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • You have no outstanding debts on residential mortgage loans;
  • If you own no residential property in the Republic of Kazakhstan, other than:
    - rooms at a hostel, provided that their living space is below 15 sq.m. per family member; 
    - a residential property, which has been deemed dilapidated  according to a procedure set forth by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • You receive your salary to a Bank payment card
Lending purpose To purchase a primary housing*. The maximum value of the real estate to be purchased in Nur-Sultan and Almaty Cities and in their suburban areas within the boundaries stipulated by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in Aktau, Atyrau and Shymkent shall be 25 million Tenge, in Karaganda - 20 million Tenge, and 15 million Tenge in other regions.
Interest rate** 7% p.a.*** 
Credit amount up to 80% of the value of property to be purchased, but not less than 500,000 Tenge 
Down payment from 20% of the value of property to be purchased; 
Repayment date 15th day of each month 
Loan repayment method 
  • Equal monthly installments (annuity payment);
  • Installments are reduced on a monthly basis (graduated payments);
Collateral security Residential property purchased 
Proof of solvency: Proof of solvency is compulsory 
Lockout period as to full or partial repaymentNone 
Bank fees None 
Insurance None 
* according to Minutes #73-19 of the Bank Management Board dated 19.06.2019 and Resolution #10/07/19-01 of the meeting of the Board of Directors dated 10.07.2019
** a residential property, the title to which is registered for the first time when it is purchased from the developer, construction project owner or investor, local executive body or other legal entities selling the residential property on behalf of the developer, construction project owner or investor, or local executive body.
***The annual effective interest rate is from 7.2% p.a.
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