• Additional bonuses from the State of up to 5%
  • Possibility of replenishment
  • Partial withdrawal for payment of education expenses
36 mon.
Storage period of the deposit
from 5%
Premium from the State
up to 8.3%
Annual effective rate
Deposit conditions
Enter your data and learn an amount of your savings
Deposit amount
Deposit amount
your savings amount
The monthly installment is an indicative estimate and may differ from one calculated as of the date of a consultation /actual loan disbursement.
Details of the product
Minimum amount
required to open a deposit
3 MCIs* - 8,334 Tenge
Deposit period36 months
Addition to the depositNeither the amount nor number of additions is limited 
InterestsMonthly capitalization
State premium accrualOn an annual basis, for the balance actually  accrued as of January 01, subject to the minimum saving period equal to 1 year. The State premium is to be capitalized as a part the deposit principal amount. The maximum State premium accrual period is 20 years.
State premium amount

5% p.a., but not more than 100 MCIs,

for the priority group of depositors** – 7% p.a., but not more than 100 MCIs.

Partial withdrawalNot allowed, unless the funds are withdrawn specially with the view of cashless transmittance to an educational institution's account.
ProlongationIs to be prolonged by the same period and on the same terms, subject to interests accrued at the rates valid as of the prolongation date
  1. The deposit may be in favor of a third party
  2. The deposit may be in favor of a child under 14

Early termination

Deposit periodTermination conditions
36 months
  1. The State premium is rejected:
    • by the depositor/ legal representative.
  2. The State premium is applicable:
    • if there is a balance on the deposit after the tuition fees are paid for the entire education period;
    • if an educational grant is awarded;
    • if the depositor dies, is deemed missing, incapable or deceased by the court, or if the depositor is unable to continue his/her education due to his/her health status

Interest rates

Period, months% (p.a.)% (effective)***
368.0up to 8.3

Documents to be submitted to open a deposit:

  • A personal identification document and IIN;

If a deposit is opened by the third parties in the name of a Depositor of a majority /minor age, a power of attorney issued by the Depositor/ legal representative(s) of the Depositor is required.

The rates shall be in effect from 15.04.2019.
The rates are approved by the Management Board (Minutes #36-19 dated 28.03.2019).

For persons having special relations with First Heartland Jysan Bank JSC, the rates are approved by the Board of Directors of First Heartland Jysan Bank JSC (Minutes #15/04/19-01 dated 15.04.2019).

*1 MCI for 2020 is 2,778 Tenge
** The priority group of depositors includes orphaned children and legally free children; disabled persons; children from multi-member families; children from families with average income per capita below the food basket.
*** The annual effective interest rate may vary depending on the actual parameters under the Fixed-Term Bank Deposit Agreement signed. At his/her discretion, the Depositor may request from the Bank the information of the revised annual effective interest rate.

From April 27, 2015, the guaranteed compensation for deposits in the national currency was increased to 10 million Tenge; as to deposits in foreign currencies, it is up to 5 million Tenge.
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