Bank deposit in escrow
Secures liabilities under the lending programs/ loans and guarantees
Bank deposit in escrow
4 currencies
up to 10 mil. ₸
maximum guarantee amount
Details of the product
Currencytenge, US dollar, Euro
Deposit periodPeriod depends on terms and conditions of the loan / guarantee and is to be established according to Resolution of an authorized body of the Bank 
Interest payment

at the client's discretion:

  1. monthly transfers to the "on demand" savings account; or
  2. upon fulfillment of liabilities to the Bank under the Loan Agreement. 
Additional contributionsN/A
Partial withdrawalN/A
Interest rates

If a new deposit is opened, the security deposit rate shall be 0%, or, at the client's discretion, the established rate may not be higher than the interest rate applicable to fixed-term deposits of the same terms and amounts; in case if the loan / guarantee term exceeds the standard fixed-term deposit periods available for the current product line, then the maximum fixed-term deposit period shall be applicable.

If a fixed-term deposit or its part is modified to a security deposit, then the security deposit rate may be (at the client's discretion) 0% or correspond to the interest rate under the Fixed-Term Bank Deposit Agreement being in effect as of the re-execution date. Furthermore, if the pledger is an individual, then the specified rate shall not exceed the maximum (in nominal terms) interest rates applicable to the newly raised deposits in the corresponding currency, as established by Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund JSC.

If as of the date of the modification of the underlying deposit/ its part to a security deposit, the interest rate for the underlying deposit exceeds the maximum rate established by KDIF JSC, then the security deposit rate shall be established at the level of the standard fixed-term deposit interest rate (in effect as of the date of re-execution according to the Bank's Deposit Program for Individuals), which meets the underlying deposit by the following parameters: type, term and currency. 

Penalty rate (forfeit, fine) for a delay in contributions to the security deposits up to its initial amount0.5% (point five percent) of the amount to be recovered, per each day of the delay
Documents to be submitted to open a depositA personal identification document
License #1.2.35/225/37 dated 06.05.2019 issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Safety and security
We view the information integrity and the clients' funds as our top priority. We have been paying closest attention to the IT protection of our systems, processes, and software.
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