• Daily placement
  • Interests are receivable on a daily basis
  • No partial withdrawal allowed
Details of the product
(Deposit Facility) Agreement term 12, 24 months
Currency KZT
Minimum amount per dayfrom 20,000,000 tenge
Maximum amount per dayup to 20,000,000,000 tenge
Partial withdrawalsN/A, except for enforcement of claims laid by third parties authorized to withdraw the funds in compliance with the laws of the RoK
Interest rateTo be established on a daily basis, subject to the interest rate thresholds. The notification of the current rate shall be available from the Internet Banking System (the "IBS") news feed. By transmitting his/her money to the savings account, the Client accepts the then current interest rate. 
Interest rates thresholdsUp to the overnight repo rate - (minus) 0.5% p.a.


Special conditions

Agreement execution and deposit placement terms and conditions

1) A Deposit Placement Agreement shall be executed using IBS by sending an Application for Accession to the Deposit Agreement, stating the initial Deposit placement amount. The latter shall be placed on the day of accession to the Deposit Agreement and comply with current minimum deposit amount requirements.

The first daily placement shall meet requirements established for the minimum deposit placement amount; as to any subsequent amounts deposited by the client on the same day, their minimum threshold is not limited.

The money shall be deposited by the client himself/herself by means of executing a money order through the IBS by 04.00 p.m. (Nur-Sultan time) to transfer the funds to a savings account.

The total amount of all the placements made by the client during a day shall not exceed the specified maximum daily amount.

Accrual /payment of interests and Deposit

The interests shall be accrued for one (1) calendar day. If a deposit is placed on a day preceding weekend/ holidays, the interests shall be accrued at the rate in effect as of the deposit placement date, for the actual number of calendar days when the deposit has been kept on the account, subject to the Agreement term.

The accrued interests shall be paid on a daily basis, on a day following the deposit placement date, simultaneously with the deposit payment, less withholding tax at source, if this is required by the tax laws of the RoK.

Resolution of the Management Board dated 28.04.2020. Minutes #56-20 of the Board of Directors dated 20.05.2020. Minutes #20/05/20-01
Safety and security
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