• Maximum interest rates
  • No partial withdrawal or addition is allowed
  • For one day or more
Deposit conditions
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Deposit amount
Deposit amount
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The interest calculations are indicative only. The interest amount depends on additional contributions, partial withdrawals or an early termination. The deposit calculator is for informational purposes only and does not give rise to the Bank’s obligation to pay any amount calculated.
Details of the product
Product typesavings deposit
  • from 1 day to 30 days
  • from 1 month and more
Currencies  KZT, USD, EUR, RUB
Interest ratesas approved by the Bank's Authorized Body   

Special conditions

Maximum deposit amountas approved by the Bank's Authorized Body*
*if a deposit/additional contributions exceed(s) the maximum allowed amount, approval from the Bank's Authorized Body is required
Additional contributionsN/A
Partial withdrawalN/A
Interests are payableat the end of the deposit period, to an account with Jýsan Bank JSC, less withholding tax at source, if this is required by the tax legislation of the RoK.
Early termination

In case of an early withdrawal of the entire Deposit, interest shall be payable at the Demand deposit rates established as of the day of the Deposit payment, less withholding tax at source, if this is required by the tax legislation of the RoK.

The Deposit shall be repaid upon expiration of 30 calendar days after the Depositor submits his/her request for an early Deposit repayment.

Prolongation up to two times maximum, subject to standard terms and conditions in effect as of the prolongation date 


Interest rates

Remuneration rates on deposits for legal entities, branches and representative offices of legal entities, including persons related to the Bank by special relations, % p.a.
CurrencyAmountRate of remuneration*1 to 30 daysTerm, months
123456789101112151819-2324-3536 and more
KZTup to 50 millionannual6,76,76,86,97,07,17,27,37,47,57,67,77,87,57,37,16,96,7
effectiveup to 6,96,97,07,17,27,37,47,67,77,87,98,08,17,87,57,37,16,9
from 50 million
max. amount 50 billion
effectiveup to 7,07,07,17,27,37,47,67,77,87,98,08,18,27,97,77,47,27,0
USDup to 500 thousandannual0,100,100,100,100,110,110,110,120,120,120,130,130,130,150,150,150,150,15
from 500 thousand
max. amount 100 million
EURup to 500 thousandannual0,00,0
from 500 thousand
max. amount 10 million
RUBup to 10 millionannual0,01,71,71,71,91,91,92,12,12,12,32,32,32,52,52,92,92,9
from 10 million
max. amount 700 million
Resolution of the Management Board dated 11.08.2020. Minutes #54-20. Resolution of the Board of Directors dated 25.09.2020. Minutes #25/09/20-01

* the annual and effective rates of remuneration may vary depending on the actual parameters under the Contract
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