Turgyn Ui
  • For condominium managers
  • Partial withdrawal
  • Replenishments are allowed
Turgyn Ui
Details of the product

Client type

segmentprofile criterion 
Large Businesses, SMEs and MicrobusinessesLegal entities and private entrepreneurs, including for persons having special relationship with the BankCondominium management bodies

General terms and conditions

Product type conditional deposit to be used to accumulate funds required for major repairs of communal property of a condominium 
Term  until conditions set forth by the deposit agreement are met 
Currency KZT 
Interest rate*,% p.a. 

7% p.a. (effective – 7%), if interests are payable annually 

5.5% p.a. (effective – 5.6%), if interests are payable monthly 

Special conditions

Additional contributions allowed  
Partial withdrawal allowed according to the minutes of a general meeting of owners of premises/apartments
Interests are payable on an annual/monthly basis to a current account with Jusan Bank JSC, less withholding tax at source according to the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan (if such withholding is required by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan)
Deposit repayment allowed according to the minutes of a general meeting of owners of premises/apartments 
Additional conditions upon expiration of every 12-month period, the Bank will revise and establish the interest rate set forth by its tariffs, which rate shall be in effect as of the date of expiration of the said period, but not higher than rate in effect under the agreement as of the date of expiration of the said period
* the Annual Effective Rate of Return may vary depending on actual provisions of an Agreement signed.
For individuals conducting their business with no corporate status, the Annual Effective Rate of Return shall not exceed 9.8% in tenge and 1% in a foreign currency.
Safety and security
We view the information integrity and the clients' funds as our top priority. We have been paying closest attention to the IT protection of our systems, processes, and software.
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