29, Yedomsky St., Medet BC, Shuchinsk
BSC #263 8 (71636) 7-99-99, 7-99-90; 7-999-1 Retail Banking Managers; 7-999-2 SME; 7-999-3 Wholesale Banking Managers; 7-999-4 Deputy Head
Mo-Fri: 09.00-18.00, without lunch time, UV sterilization: 13.00-13.20 Sa: (individuals) 10.00-15.00, without lunch time, UV sterilization: 13.00-13.20 Su: day off
Public utility bills, conversion transactions, operations with individuals' accounts, operations with individuals' deposits, money transfers using the \Skorokhod\, \Unistream\, \Western Union\, \KoronaPay\ systems; wholesale banking; safe deposit boxes.
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