Third-Party Asset Quality Review Has Proved High Stability of Jýsan Bank

March 02, 2020, Almaty. – Jýsan Bank has successfully completed a third-party Asset Quality Review (AQR) initiated by the National Bank of the RoK.

The Kazakhstan's largest banks are subject such Asset Quality Review for the first time. It is based on the best European practices aimed to verify steadiness of the second-tier banks and financial system on the whole.

According to the AQR findings, Jýsan Bank has proved the high quality of its assets and compliance with all the Kazakhstani and international standards.

The successful completion of the Asset Quality Review is primarily predetermined by a high level of capital adequacy. According to the information of the National Bank, as of February 1, 2020, the equity of Jýsan Bank amounted to 344 billion Tenge or the second large value among all the Kazakhstani banks. Such equity allows the Bank to implement initiatives under its new development strategy and mitigate any potential risks.

In addition, as of February 1, 2020, the current liquidity ratio K4 was 7.133, or 23 times higher than the minimum level established by the regulator.

In this context, Aibek Kayip, Chairman of the Management Board of Jýsan Bank, said: "I would like to congratulate all clients of Jýsan Bank – we all are quite happy about the AQR results. They prove the Bank entirely complies with the prudential regulations and adequately measures the quality of its assets, including its credit portfolio. Considering our previous experience, we have revised all the procedures and policies, which retain a conservative approach to lending. Our clients can be entirely confident in the reliability and efficiency of the Bank."

Last year Jýsan Bank accomplished a lot to increase revenues, optimize expenses and improve the quality of its credit portfolio. Any potential risks and losses have been completely covered with provisions by a long shot. So, the delinquent loan coverage is 140%, whereas collateral security of the loans is at a high level.

Jýsan Bank has started implementing its new five-year development strategy aimed to make unique digital retail and SME banking solutions available in the Kazakhstani market.

For your information:

Asset Quality Review (AQR) is an independent Asset Quality Review procedure applicable to the banking sector. The procedure was initiated by the National Bank of the RoK with the participation of international advisors and auditing firms. The fourteen largest Kazakhstani banks, with their share being equal to 87% of the sectoral assets, have undergone the Asset Quality Review. 


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