Be Careful – Phishers!

Dear clients,

As attempted phone phreaking with our clients' bank cards is becoming increasingly commonplace, to protect your funds, we would like to insist that you should follow these simple safety considerations.

Please NEVER disclose your personal details to an unknown person:

  • Passwords sent through a SMS
  • PIN-code to your card
  • СVV/CVC-code (three-digit code on the back of your card)
  • Password to the Jusan mobile app.

Please bear in mind that in NO EVENT shall the Bank's personnel contact a client by telephone with a request to:

  • Disclose any code or password
  • Install any third party software on your smartphone or PC
  • Transfer money to any other account or card, or
  • To take any actions, which would result in an issue of a loan with a subsequent transfer of the borrowed funds to any third parties' accounts.

Codes and passwords are your personal information. If they are accessed by phishers, this could result in the loss of your money, let alone the loss of data.

If this does happen, we urge you not to take any actions the phishers suggest that you should do. In such circumstances, please promptly contact the Bank's Call Center at 7711.

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