Jýsan Bank Issued Children's Cards with The Fixies Images

January 5, 2020, Almaty. – Jýsan Bank started issuing its multicurrency cards bearing images of a popular cartoon series, The Fixies, which are designed specially for the youngest users. A special mobile application for children, Jýsan Junior, has been launched as well.

The Card is associated with a multicurrency account and is available to children aged 5 to 16. The Child's Card is to be issued in collaboration with the child's parents. So, a parent may link the child's card to his/her own account, monitor withdrawals via Mobile Banking, establish the limits on purchases, give instructions and pay bonuses, once such instructions are fulfilled.

"The Child's Card will allow a child to manage his/her own funds independently using his/own Jýsan Junior mobile application. By the way, this will differ radically from things we, adults, have got used to, such as utility bills, loans and taxes. The focus is on the edutainment interface. There will be more play aspects, possibility involving friends and conducting dialogues there. In addition, the card will become a nice tool to reward for academic success or achievements, as many parents and children have in fact given up on cash money and prefer cashless payments," Larisa Belova, Jýsan Bank Managing Director, said.

In addition to rewards from his/her parents, the child may receive additional incentives from the Bank. So, tests and tasks will be published in Jýsan Junior. Such tests and tasks will not only help improve and check the child's financial literacy, but also gain his/her first bonuses.

The Card holders will get the 1.3% cashback accrued per cashless transaction, as well as the higher cashback - 2%. The Child's Card gives a child an opportunity to earn his/her first cashback payable as genuine money, from 500 Tenge to 15,000 Tenge per month.

"Earlier parents had to open a second card in their own name, for their child to use it. However, it was not always advantageous. For example, when a shopworker asks an ID, the name on the ID is supposed to be the same as on the card. Our card is a registered one as it bears the name of its actual holder. In addition, financial literacy should be nourished in children from an early age, for the child to achieve his/her adulthood being ready and able to manage his/her money rationally," Larisa Belova concluded.

It is possible to order the children's cards with the characters from The Fixiescartoon series: Nolik, Simka, Juchka and Kusachka using the Jýsan mobile application. A parent may place an order, if he/she has a valid debit card or by registering through the children's mobile application, Jýsan Junior. The card may be also opened in the old-fashioned way – at a Bank branch by producing the child's a personal identification document (birth certificate or passport), as well as an ID of the parent / guardian.


The bank card annual fees are 0 Tenge for the first year and 600 Tenge per each subsequent year. The children's mobile application, Jýsan Junior, is already available for downloading for Android devices. The iOS version will be launched soon.

For your information:

First Heartland Jýsan Bank JSC (formerly Tsesnabank) has been operating in Kazakhstan's financial market since 1992. Jýsan Bank is currently represented by its 120 branches in all the regions of Kazakhstan.

Jýsan Bank offers its clients, both individuals and legal entities, a full range of banking services, including opening and servicing of current accounts, international payment cards, lending, deposits, and money transfers, whether in Kazakhstan or globally.

On February 6, 2019, First Heartland Securities JSC, an investment subdivision of the financial holding company of a group of autonomous educational institutions (Nazarbayev University and Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools) bought 99.8% of ordinary shares in the Bank. Subsequently, a new development strategy was approved and rebranding of Jýsan Bank (in the approved Kazakh Latin alphabet) was accomplished.

On August 12, 2019, S&P Global Ratings revised its rating outlook for Jýsan Bank from Stable to Positive, as well as confirmed the long-term and short-term issuer credit ratings at В-/В. At the same time, the Bank's rating has risen according to the Kazakhstani national scale from kzBB- to kzBB.


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