Jýsan Bank has launched an online option to reserve an account

Dear clients, 

For its new and existing clients, Jýsan Bank has launched an online option to reserve an account.

The service is available to private entrepreneurs being residents of Kazakhstan who have passed the state registration, and whose data are filed with the Tax Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To reserve an account, it is required to email an electronic request via the Bank’s web-site:

  • include data as required;
  • confirm your consent with the terms and conditions of opening an account, personal data collection and processing;
  • choose the currency.

The reservation (reserve account validity) period is 14 calendar days. To activate a reserved account, the client should visit a Bank branch in the city specified in his/her request and provide a set of documents as required to open a current account. If the client fails to sign the banking service agreement, the account will be automatically cancelled.

The reserved account number shall be for informational purposes only. During the reservation period (until the banking service agreement is signed and the account is opened in due order), the Bank will neither credit any money received to the specified account nor conduct any other transactions through the account.

The Bank reserves the right to deny opening of an account for reasons set forth by the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Countering the Legalization/ Laundering of Proceeds from Crime and Financing of Terrorism” and “On Payments and Payment Systems.”

For any queries please contact us at 8 800 080 25 25 (toll free for landline phones); 7711 (toll free for mobile phones).

Sincerely yours, 

Jýsan Bank

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