Jýsan Invest Is Ready to Manage Pension Assets and Has Signed an Agreement with UAPF

February 18, 2021 – The managing and broker company, Jýsan Invest, is the first one that has announced about its readiness, signed a pension assets trust agreement with the United Accumulative Pension Fund (UAPF) and entered into the custodian agreement between UAPF, Jýsan Invest and Sberbank SB JSC.

The main goal of the pension assets investing is to preserve and increase Kazakhstani nationals’ savings by the time of their retirement.

According to Nurdaulet Aidosov, CEO of Jýsan Invest, the company has all the requisite professional resources and management experience. It believes this business function to be of a strategic importance and require maximum responsibility. The team has worked out a well-balanced investing strategy that involves a reasonable allocation of assets between currencies, classes of instruments, industries and geographies. The most critical investment criteria are investment attractiveness of financial instruments and associated risks. 

Depositors’ assets will be invested in public liquid financial instruments classified as equity and debt securities, including in exchange-traded funds (ETF), shares, bonds, short-term notes of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, mid-term sovereign bonds of Kazakhstan, as well as precious metals. The target yield is 13% p.a. The currency diversification is limited to the developed countries’ ones.

According to the Law on the Securities Market in the Republic of Kazakhstan, a broker may keep assets owned by its clients only at unaffiliated banks. When choosing a custodian bank, Jýsan Invest relied on a high credit rating of the bank, its developed infrastructure, reliability and professional background of its team. That is the place where the clients’ assets will be kept and managed by Jýsan Invest.

Jýsan Invest is a company that has been providing a wide range of advanced investment solutions on the securities market since 2004. It is a KASE, AIX and AFK member. Over 30 billion Tenge is under its management, 320 billion Tenge under its brokerage services, over 1 trillion Tenge of funds raised, and its client transaction turnover has exceeded 1.2 trillion Tenge.

The procedure for the transfer of a part of pension savings to Jýsan Invest is to be published soon on the UAPF official web-site.

More details and all the latest updates regarding the pension assets management are available in Section - Pension on the Jýsan Invest web-site. 

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