An Attempted Robbery Prevented at Jýsan Bank

March 18, 2020, Almaty. – An attempted armed robberywas prevented at the Shymkent branch of Jýsan Bank. The robber was neutralized by a Bank security service officer. There are no victims among clients or employees of the Bank.

A man, 1971, was rendered harmless and detained at the Jýsan Bank branch, BSC #112, at 43/1, Mangeldin St., on the crime scene. The man made an attempt to commit a robbery, i.e. misappropriate the money from the Bank's cash department using a homemade explosive device.


"We always view safety of clients and personnel of Jýsan Bank as our top priority, and I am sincerely happy about the highest level of professionalism demonstrated. Clients of our Bank should always be safe, whether physically or in terms of the coronavirus," Aibek Kayip, Chairman of the Management Board of Jýsan Bank, said.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, a man approached the Bank's cash department, allegedly to have some currency exchanged. Together with the Queuing system coupon, the man gave a bank teller a sheet of paper with the words "The bomb" on it. Then he asked the bank teller to give out all the cash, demonstrated the explosive device to those around him and demanded: "Don't move or fight back."

The Bank security service officer, Smail Azhikulov, immediately started negotiating with the robber, in an attempt to dissuade him from the intended crime. Embracing the moment, Smail instantly disarmed the robber and seized the homemade bomb. Later it was found out that the device was a simulant.


Following an alarm button signal, the independent security service arrived to the Bank branch, the police were called, and the robber was detained. At present investigators are working at the branch to question eyewitnesses and collect criminating evidences.

The Bank's management issued a commendation to Smail Azhikulov. He will be awarded for his courage and faultless performance of his duties.

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