New bonuses up to 15%

New bonuses for Jusan cardholders will be launched on June 29, 2021. The current bonus system is completely replaced with a new one with increased bonuses up to 15% according to your interests - clothing, food, air tickets, cosmetics, games and much more.

The bonus amount depends on the level - Silver, Gold or Premium:

• Silver is available by default to all customers - up to 15% bonuses for one category of purchases and 0.5% for other purchases.

• Gold for purchases over 30 000 tenge per month - up to 15% bonuses for two categories and 1% for other purchases.

• Premium for purchases over 70 thousand tenge per month, as well as with Jusan Invest account or Jusan Garant insurance - up to 15% bonuses for four categories and 2% for other purchases. 


Categories to choose

Bonus rate

What is in this category?

Movies and music online


Streaming and music services: Megogo, Netflix, Amedia, Amediateka, Ivi, Yandex plus, Spotify, Apple music and others.
Game Services


In-app purchases, games, Steam and other game stores.
Beauty salons and cosmetics


Perfume shops, beauty and hairdressing salons.


Fast food restaurants, bakery products, pastries, food delivery and others.
Fitness and SPA 


Fitness, dance, swimming, tennis, shooting, massage, beauty centers and SPA. 


Medical services


Medical centers, hospitals, dentistry and laboratories.


Tickets of all airlines, travel agencies and excursion organizers.


Clothing stores for men, women and children.


Furniture and household appliances, except electrical equipment.


Each participant's level automatically resets first day of every month. Selection of bonus categories is free. You can manage categories and spend bonuses in the Jusan mobile application. 

More details about bonuses here.

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