A New Mobile Operator Set Up in Kazakhstan

November 20, 2020, Almaty. – Jýsan Bank and Mobile Telecom Service to launch the Jýsan Mobile communications, which are expected to make Jýsan products and services even more advantageous.

The Jýsan Mobile virtual network (MVNO) is to operate on the basis of the Tele2/Altel network and will be available for subscribers within the operator's coverage area throughout Kazakhstan. KazTransCom JSC acts as the Project technical integrator.

"The launch of the Jýsan Mobile virtual operator has become a breakthrough in the development of our Jýsan ecosystem and provides new benefits to our clients," says Aibek Kayip, Chairman of the Management Board of Jýsan Bank. "The Bank's active clients will actually be able to get free mobile communication services and additional bonuses that can be used within the ecosystem – in the mobile application, Internet Banking and the Jmart marketplace."

The specifics of Jýsan Mobile are in its tight integration with the Jýsan Bank services. The clients will be able to manage the financial services, mobile communications, take out insurance, buy shares from the exchange or goods and services from the Jmart marketplace through the same Jýsan application.

"The launch of the first virtual operator in the Tele2/ALTEL network will become a milestone in Kazakhstan's mobile market development," said Roman Volodin, General Director of Mobile Telecom Service LLP. "The MVNO concept involves, in the first turn, creation of the ecosystem of communications and partner services, according to a target user's needs and perceptions. Upon the launch of Jýsan Mobile, we have accessed a segment that is new to us and we are going to become the mainstream player in the MVNO market thanks to our highly customized solutions. It is also noteworthy that the operator, Tele2/ALTEL, provides the broad coverage and high quality services, specifically in the 4G segment all over Kazakhstan, which allows it to ensure reliable operation of the new MVNO partner's services."

"The creation and development of ecosystems have become a strategically critical solution for business development in order to retain loyalty of clients and to further improve client experience. This is our first and successful practical experience in an MVNO launching project. Despite the pandemic and remote working environment, the three entities' Project Team has done a lot working under pressure of time and excelled at that," said Sergei Nazarenko, Chairman of the Board of KazTransCom JSC.

Tariffs and services

The unified pricing plan – 3,300 Tenge for 30 days – is applicable to all those who subscribe for Jýsan Mobile. The pricing plan allows exchanging the available minutes, traffic and SMS messages between subscribers for free, and provides for the three preset combined options: "Standard" (120 minutes, 50 SMS messages, 12 Gb), "Call Up" (160 minutes, 50 SMS messages, 8 Gb) and "The Internet" (80 minutes, 50 SMS messages, 16 Gb). Subscribers using the pricing plan can make unlimited calls within the Jýsan Mobile network and enjoy an unlimited access to WhatsApp.

It is also possible to subscribe for additional packages with extra minutes and extra Internet traffic, as well as international roaming.

No Internet traffic will be spent when using the Jýsan mobile application or the Bank's resources (jysanbank.kz, jysan.kz, jmart.kz, jpost.kz).

Please visit our web-site for more details of the Jýsan Mobile tariffs and services.

Bonuses and special offers

Each new client who has subscribed for Jýsan Mobile, will get a one-month zero tariff.

If cashless payments with a Jýsan Bank card exceed 50,000 Tenge for a month, the mobile communication service will be absolutely free during the following month.

If a Jýsan Mobile balance is topped up through the Jýsan mobile application, the Bank will refund 15% of the amount in the form of bonuses. The bonuses may be used to pay for services through the application or at the Jmart marketplace.

How to become a subscriber?

To become a Jýsan Mobile subscriber, it is sufficient to install the Jýsan mobile application and use it to order a Jýsan Pay card. A courier will deliver your payment card and SIM-card at the address provided by you. The SIM-card is to be activated through the Jýsan application by following a live chat bot's easy instructions. The card issue, delivery and servicing for two years are totally free.

When activating the SIM-card, the subscriber has an opportunity to choose a new or transfer his/her existing mobile phone number from another operator to the Jýsan Mobile network. 

The current Jýsan Bank card holders can pick up their SIM-cards from a Bank branch and activate them through the application. Residents of any cities where Jýsan Bank operates may subscribe for Jýsan Mobile.


For your reference:

First Heartland Jýsan Bank JSC has been operating in Kazakhstan's financial market since 1992. Jýsan Bank ([ʒu'sɑ:n bæŋk]) is currently represented by its 100 branches in all the regions of Kazakhstan.

Jýsan Bank creates its own ecosystem, which allows, in addition to banking services, accessing insurance and brokers' ones, as well as the Jmart marketplace. The Bank offers its clients, both individuals and legal entities, a full range of banking services, including opening and servicing of current accounts, international payment cards, lending, deposits, and money transfers within Kazakhstan and globally.

Mobile Telecom Service LLP with its Tele2/ALTEL brands is a mobile communication operator in the Republic of Kazakhstan (State License АБА #000950 issued by the AIS of the RoK). The mobile communication services are directly subject to the communication laws and Mobile Telecom Service LLP's Terms and Conditions. The cost of the services referred to in this Press Release as free, shall be covered by the joint project participants.

Tele2 Kazakhstan is one of the fastest growing communication operators. After it entered the market in 2010, Tele2 installed the state of the art equipment for fixed broadband communications and telephony, data transfer networks and M2M/IoT solutions.

ALTEL was the first national mobile communication provider, which was established in 1994. In 2010, ALTEL was the Country's first operator that had introduced the 3G Internet. In 2012, it  completed the first commercial launch of the LTE technology in Kazakhstan under "ALTEL 4G" brand.

In March, 2016, Tele2 Kazakhstan merged with ALTEL and thus provided both original operators' subscribers with the 4G coverage all over the Country.

The mobile data consumption in the operator's network has been annually rising by over 50% since 2017. In 2019, the network traffic amounted to 1.3 Ebytes in absolute terms. In 2019, the total duration of all the telephone calls within the Tele2/ALTEL network made up 21,265,930,124 minutes or 40,000 years.

KazTransCom JSC was established in 2001 as the result of the merger of the three companies: Caspian Munay Baylanys JSC, AktobeNefteSvyaz JSC and Baylanys JSC. Its key focus areas are telecommunication services, kCloud cloud services, maintenance and system integration. 

Contact us:

Jýsan Bank Public Affairs Office
Tel.: +7 (727) 331-26-00 (ext. 1215)
E-mail: s.chikin@jysanbank.kz

Tele2/ALTEL Public Affairs Office
E-mail: PR.Kazakhstan@tele2.kz

KazTransCom Public Affairs Office
Tel.: +7 (727) 237-73-89, 
Mobile: +7 (701) 211-15-85
E-mail: b.mukhammediyauly@kaztranscom.kz

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