Jýsan Bank Launched the Online Account Opening Through Its Mobile Application

April 23, 2020, Almaty. – Jýsan Bank has launched the online Jýsan Pay card account opening service. The card may be used to make payments and to receive the 42,500 Tenge welfare benefit, once it is registered through the Jýsan mobile application. The service is available throughout Kazakhstan.

After the card is issued, the client will receive an SMS with the IBAN number that is required to receive the welfare benefit in the amount of 42,500 Tenge as a compensation for income lost due to the state of emergency.

"Earlier Jýsan Bank launched the courier delivery of its cards in Nur-Sultan and Almaty, where the quarantine prohibitions are the strongest. Now citizens of any city in Kazakhstan can open a Jýsan Pay card account in an online basis using the mobile application, and start using it at once to receive welfare benefits and make other payments," Jýsan Bank commented.

In addition, a Jýsan Pay card may be linked to the Apple Pay or Samsung Pay contactless payment services, and be used to make payments with a smartphone or smartwatches.

Citizens of Nur-Sultan and Almaty can order a free delivery of the Jýsan Pay plastic card to a specified address. In any other cities and regions, to request for an issue of a card associated with the account, please contact a branch of Jýsan Bank.

The cards are delivered on weekdays from 10.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. For the safety purposes, the couriers are provided with all the requisite PPE.

It is possible to open an account and a Jýsan Pay multicurrency card online for free using the Jýsan mobile application. The Bank also grants the one-year free card servicing, free cash withdrawal from a Jýsan Bank ATM, and zero fees for the withdrawal of up to 300,000 Tenge per month from any other ATM in Kazakhstan. In addition, the 2% cashback can be received for cashless payments using the card.

To open an account and a Jýsan Pay card, you are required to:

  1. Download the Jýsan mobile application for Android or iOS;
  2. Be registered, subject to video identity authentication;
  3. Confirm the data using an SMS.

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