QR Business Cards for Corporate Clients

Dear clients, 

Jýsan Bank has launched the convenient QR Business Cards service. The service is free!

A printed QR Business Card can be placed at a sales outlet or an office. By scanning your personal QR code, your customers and clients will be able to go to the page containing the information of your business and review a full range of your services.

In addition, connecting to the Jýsan Business Card, you will get access to your My Account, through which you can integrate your data from social networks in a single place and manage your promotion actions.

To use the service, you are required to:

  • have an account opened with Jýsan Bank;
  • connect to the Jýsan Business Card;
  • configure your business data in your My Account of the QR service;
  • print out a QR Business Card!

Ultimately, you will get:

  • an opportunity to inform the customers of your other services and raise loyalty;
  • a convenient My Account where you can manage all your business data;
  • your business' status improved.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions at 8 800 080 25 25 (toll free from landline phones); 7711 (toll free from mobile phones).

Sincerely yours, 

Jýsan Bank

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