Changed tariffs for the bank account management services (for individuals)

Dear clients,


Jýsan Bank herewith informs you that the tariffs for the services available to individual clients, including at VIP Centers, shall be changed from July 1, 2020 as follows:

1.2. Bank account management 
1.2.1. Management of an "on-demand" current / savings account, provided that the client conducted no debit/credit transactions with such account within 12 months (excluding current accounts to be used to credit allowances and welfare benefits)

equal to the account balance, but not more than 500 Tenge / a hard currency equivalent


- chargeable on a monthly basis – if the account balance is lower than the fees due, the entire balance shall be debited;


the tariff may not be applicable to any encumbered accounts / accounts that are subject to claims 

For more details, please contact your personal banker. 

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