Transferring Money to Accounts with House Construction Savings Bank Using the Jýsan Mobile App

Dear clients, 

Now you have an opportunity to transfer money to House Construction Savings Bank JSC ("HCSB") via the Jýsan mobile application!

Holders of any cards of the Bank, excluding the Charge Card and the Cashbaсk Plus credit card can transfer money to HCSB to repay a loan/ top up a deposit:

the money transfer may be made solely against the client's own funds, i.e. no bonuses may be used for this purpose;

the minimum transfer amount is 1,000 Tenge.

The bonus for any transaction in favor of HCSB shall be 1% of the transaction amount.* However, up to 10,000 bonuses may be accrued per transaction.

To receive the bonuses through the Jýsan mobile application, you are required to subscribe to the House Construction Savings Bank package (0 Tenge per month).


* The Bonus Terms & Conditions according to the product-specific tariff plan.


For all questions, please contact us at 8 800 080 25 25 (toll free from landline phones) or 7711 (toll free from mobile phones).

Sincerely yours, 

Jýsan Bank

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