POS terminal (Point of Sale) is an electronic device designed to accept bank cards with the view of payment.


  • Attracting new clients and increasing sales volumes
  • Minimizing client service time
  • Reducing cash collection costs
  • Improving the company's competitiveness
  • Mitigating the risk of fraud or acceptance of counterfeit bills


  • Installation, setup and maintenance of the POS terminals
  • Personnel training in bank card acceptance and processing
  • Provision with consumables (stickers and tapes for the POS terminals)

Please contact a Bank branch for more details.




JPAY is a mobile application that allows you to accept contactless payments using your smart phones. 

Advantages of the technology:

  • completely substitutes for POS-terminals;
  • portable in use;
  • no service fees;
  • supports Visa and MasterCard cards, as well as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay via smart phones, smart bracelets, and smart watches;
  • a friendly user interface;
  • an option to send electronic receipts immediately after payment;
  • the application can be used to download the transaction statements.

It will be useful for:

  • mobile businesses (couriers, taxis, cargo transportation);
  • merchants and services;
  • stores with open-type displays.

Technical requirements:

The JPAY application is compatible with smart phones running Android 6.0 (and higher) and having the NFC functionality and access to the Internet.

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