Topping up Accounts Through the QIWI Terminals

Terms and Conditions 

  • Account/transaction currency: the national currency;
  • Maximum transaction amount (one-time): up to 500,000 Tenge;
  • Money Contributor: the company’s designee who has been identified by the Bank with a single-use (non-recurrent) code sent by the Bank in an SMS to the Money Contributor’s mobile phone number;
  • Data required to perform the transaction: IIN/BIN of the company; IIN of the Money Contributor; the last four digits of the company’s bank account; transaction purpose; single-use (non-recurrent) code sent by the Bank in an SMS to the Money Contributor’s mobile phone number;
  • Cash can be deposited at any time of the day through the payment organization QIWI Kazakhstan’s terminals;
  • The money will be credited online within one business day of the Bank. If the money is accepted beyond a business day (including on the weekend and holidays), the money will be credited on or by the following business day.
  • To perform the transaction, please be aware of the following: an SMS code is to be sent solely to the Money Contributor who has been identified by the Bank, therefore please make sure that the money contributors’ mobile phone numbers are kept updated within the Bank’s system. The SMS code shall be valid for 1 minute; if an erroneous SMS code is repeatedly entered, the transaction will be unavailable for several minutes. 


  • Service charge – the payment institution will charge commissions in the amount of 1% of the amount contributed;
  • For crediting cash to the client’s bank account, the Bank will charge no commissions.
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