Guarantee Secured with Cash
Guarantee type 1. Revolving limit 
2. Non-revolving limit
3. Independent Bank guarantee, unlimited 
Currency KZT, USD, EURO, RUB 
Maximum guarantee term:
Bid Bond
Payment guarantee 
according to the validity periods of the bid/ tender/ auction documentation
according to the validity periods of the goods/ works/ services procurement contract, until liabilities are discharged in full
Collateral security • pledged money; 
• money on deposit with the Bank (interest-bearing / interest-free) 
Guarantee issue fee:
Bid Bond
Payment guarantee 
Guarantee use fee:
Bid Bond
Payment guarantee 
0.2% of the guarantee amount, minimum 5 000 tenge
from 0.2% of the guarantee amount, minimum 10 000 tenge 
Advantages • Minimum package of documents;
• Minimum fees;
• The guarantee shall be issued within 2 hours;
• The guarantees, including electronic ones, may be received from any subsidiary of the Bank. 

Approved by Minutes # 16-20 of the meeting of the First Heartland Jýsan Bank JSC Management Board dated 06.02.2020.

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