Unallocated Metal Account

First Heartland Jýsan Bank JSC offers its Client another service – investing funds in precious metals through an unallocated metal account.

What is the unallocated metal account? It is an account opened by the Bank for the Client with the view of recording metal flows in troy ounces without stating any identifying details (ingot number, manufacturer's brand, etc.).

Investing the savings in precious metals always gives the chance to feel confidence and get rid of anxiety as to your capital. You income depends on changes in the metal prices.

How to invest the money in metals?

- open an unallocated metal account

- follow up fluctuations in the metal prices 

- conduct a deal to buy or sell a metal

Terms and conditions of the metal account:

Metal Gold 
Minimum lot1 troy ounce (1 troy ounce is 31.1035 grams)
Term (months)perpetual (if there is no RPM* on the account for more than three (3) years, the account shall be closed)
RPM exchange rateAs per the rates established by the Bank
RPM exchange feeaccording to the Bank's tariffs
Interest rateN/A
Minimum required balanceN/A
Replenishment Unlimited, in a cashless form, in multiples of troy ounce
Partial withdrawalUnlimited, in a cashless form, in multiples of troy ounce 
Account opening, maintenance and closing fees according to the Bank's metal accounts tariffs 
Additionally RPM shall be bought/sold solely in multiples  of troy ounce, by means of a cashless conversion using current accounts (in the national currency, KZT, and foreign currency, USD)

*RPM – Refined Precious Metal

Why are investments in the metal profitable?

- simple and easy buying and selling transactions;

- no problems related to storage, certification or transportation of the physical metal;

- high liquidity, or a fast conversion of a non-physical metal to cash;

- precious metal prices do not include the VAT.

Documents required:

A personal identification document and IIN.

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