Remittance and Cash Transactions

Payments and money transfers 
For the shortest time to any point of the world!

First Heartland Jýsan Bank conducts the following types of money transfers in the national and foreign currencies:

  • money transfers to other banks' clients;
  • money transfers between Clients of First Heartland Jýsan Bank JSC;
  • fast money transfers during transaction hours;
  • money transfers aimed to make pension contributions to the Accumulative Pension Funds;
  • money transfers aimed to make compulsory social security contributions to the State Social Insurance Fund;
  • payment of taxes and customs duties without opening an account ;

The Client's orders of transfer are fulfilled on the same day using the First Heartland Jýsan Bank interbranch clearing system. This fact has a substantial effect on the cash flow timelines. Money can be transferred via the clearing system of the National Bank of the RoK and the Bank's correspondent banking network both within and outside Kazakhstan.

Upon the Client's request, a Bank officer who is in charge of maintaining the Client's accounts, will help prepare payment documents in tenge and a foreign currency in compliance with the current requirements. This service shall be paid for according to the Bank's current tariffs.

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