Website Use Rules

Prior to using the Internet resource of First Heartland Jýsan Bank JSC, which is available at (the "Site"), please review the below Website Use Rules (the "Rules").

1. General

1.1. Data contained on the Site are given for informational purposes only. Terms of Service referred to on the Site shall become binding upon the Bank only when they are incorporated in an agreement between the Bank and the client.

1.2. The Bank may at any time make changes to any contents and structure of the Site in a unilateral manner, without prior notifications to the Site visitors.

1.3. The information published on the Site shall not be deemed an offer, advice or proposal to purchase any services of the Bank, unless the Bank expressly stipulates otherwise.

1.4. The Bank does not provide any warranties that the information contained on the Site is always accurate or complete, except for the information that has been published in compliance with regulatory acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

1.5. To the best of the Bank's knowledge and belief, the information published on the Site has been received from reliable sources; nevertheless, each user shall bear his/her sole responsibility for reviewing such information and its reliability.

1.6. The user of the Site shall be entitled to request for verification of relevance of the information published on the Site, from any branch or Call Center of the Bank.

2. Responsibility

2.1. The Bank shall bear no responsibility for any expenses or losses arising from the use of the Site, including when the Bank or its representative has been aware of any errors on the Site. Prior to filling in any forms published on the Site, it is recommended to call a Bank representative at 7711 (Call Center).

2.2. The Bank undertakes no responsibility for any losses that can arise from the use of the Site or any information published thereon, or due to the unavailability of any service, product offered on the Site or the Site itself or a part thereof, for whatever reasons, or because of suspension or termination of the Site operation.

3. External links 

3.1. The Site may contain links to the third parties' home pages. The Bank shall bear no responsibility for contents of any websites of the third parties or services offered by the latter, or for losses or damage arising from visits to such websites using any text links published on the Site.

4. Intellectual property rights

4.1. The Bank and/or third parties reserve the title, copyrights and any other incorporeal rights to the Site, textual, graphic and other visual information contained thereon, as well as any audio and other data of any kind. It is not allowed to replicate, distribute, modify, amend or reproduce any contents of the Site or information published thereon, without prior written consent of the holder of the intellectual property rights, provided that such information is expressly published on the Site.

4.2. It is allowed to quote any contents of the Site only with reference to the link to the source of the relevant information, unless such information is to the prejudice of the Bank.

5. Confidentiality and disclaimer

5.1. The Bank does not collect any personal data of users through the Site, other than the information provided by the users on a voluntary basis (for example, by sending an electronic message or filling in an application). Any information provided so by the user shall be unavailable to the third parties, and the Bank will use the information solely for the purposes it has been provided for by the user.

5.2. Cookies are used to ensure operation of the Site. Cookies are the information utility files, which can be used by the Site for the purpose of identification, simplification and acceleration of access to the Site's resources. You may refuse to use Cookies by configuring accordingly your internet browser. This will make it impossible to use all functionalities proposed by the Site.

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