Safe Box Depository

Safe deposit box is a metal safe box built in a section (similar to an automated locker), which is located in a specially equipped premise of the Bank, its vault. The safe has a special lock, which can be opened only with two keys at the same time (one key is kept by the safe box owner, and the second one - by a Bank employee). The vault is subject to twenty-four-hour guarding and fitted with a fire alarm system.

Purpose of renting a safe deposit box is to ensure reliable, safe and private keeping of cash assets, valuables and documents.

Types of boxes: small, medium-sized and big.

Safe deposit box rent period: from 1 day to 1 year (may be subsequently extended).

Documents to be submitted: a personal identification document. For the third parties –notarized power of attorney.

Tariffs: if the rent period of a safe deposit box is at least 3 months, a discount will be granted according to the Tariff Schedules of subsidiaries of First Heartland Jusan Bank JSC.

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