Cash Desk Services

You can conduct the following transactions at any subsidiaries and branches of First Heartland Jusan Bank JSC:

  • opening and management of bank accounts;
  • acceptance of obligatory payments to the budget, Integrated Accumulative Pension Fund, and Social Medical Insurance Fund;
  • acceptance of utility and other payments;
  • issue of pensions, allowances and retirement savings;
  • cash and cashless foreign exchange transactions;
  • full range of cash banking services: cash acceptance, counting, change, exchange, issuance, sorting and packaging, banknote identification,  etc.;
  • sale of prooflike coins;
  • sale /purchase of certified minted bars of refined gold.

Do you value your time? Do you hate waiting in line?

Pay for various services and make any payments through the First Heartland Jusan Bank JSC ATMs. It’s easy and fast!

  • Mobile communication: Beeline, Dalacom, Pathword, City, Tele2, KCell, Activ
  • Cable TV: AlmaTV, Digital TV, ICON, G-Media
  • Internet: DigitalTV, ICON, G-Net.
  • Telephony: ICON, Transtelecom

The cost of this service is 50 tenge.

The Bank's clock keeps pace with its Clients' needs!

Notification of the unilateral repudiation of the Integrated Individuals Service Agreement as to current account maintenance 

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