Types of Current Accounts

First Heartland Jýsan Bank JSC offers legal entities, private entrepreneurs, individual farms, private court bailiffs, private notaries and lawyers and professional mediators accounts of the following types:

Current account in the national currency is intended for settlements with your partners within the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as is used to pay taxes and make other obligatory payments to the budget.

Current account in a foreign currency is intended for payments in a foreign currency whether within or outside Kazakhstan, in compliance with the Laws of the RoK. The Bank provides foreign exchange control services, including foreign exchange legislation consulting, execution of transaction IDs, etc.

Limited current account. The Bank provides services related to monitoring of and control for the status of current accounts of the Company's subsidiaries, according to the specified budget approved by the Company. Payments from the account are made subject to limits in compliance with the monthly budget allocated and approved by the Client.

Transit current account is to be used to accumulate and further transmit the funds to your current account. This service is useful for the Clients having an extensive network of its subsidiaries and representative offices in Kazakhstan.

Escrow account is intended to deposit funds on a bank account in favor of the third person, whereas such third person's rights to conduct any debit transactions with the bank account shall be limited until conditions specified by the Client occur or are met by such third person.

VAT supervising current account is opened by VAT payers and is to be used to record VAT-related transactions, including with the view of:

  • payment of the value added tax to the budget, including the value added tax on imports and for a nonresident;
  • payment of the value added tax to vendors;
  • payment of the value added tax by buyers  /recipients of the goods;
  • crediting funds from a value added tax payer's other bank account.
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