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We are glad to inform you that we have completed a rebranding and now Tsesnabank has been renamed to First Heartland Jýsan Bank! In Kazakh, Jýsan [ʒu'sɑ:n] means "wormwood". This plant is highly appreciated in the Great Steppe since the old days. It is a sacral element of the traditional Kazakh culture. Everyone knows how wormwood smells spicily in spring – that is the smell of rebirth and renewal. In fact, that is the smell of our Homeland, which connects the eras: the past, the present and the future. Our Bank's new name in the new Kazakh Latin alphabet is Jýsan Bank. The name symbolizes the things we value: authenticity and progress.

The below are the answers to your questions that can arise due to the change in the name of the Bank:

1. Question: What will happen to my savings at Tsesnabank after the rebranding?

Answer: The rebranding will have no effect on the existing legal agreements between you and First Heartland Jýsan Bank (formerly Tsesnabank JSC). Under its new brand, the Bank will continue to operate in its ordinary course and discharge all its liabilities to the Clients of Tsesnabank JSC, in full. It should be also noted that First Heartland Jýsan Bank is a participant of the compulsory deposit guarantee system of Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund (KDIF).

2. Question: Will Tsesnabank details be changed?

Answer: The bank details will not change, except for the Bank's name, First Heartland Jýsan Bank.

3. Question: Is it required to re-open accounts or re-sign any contractual documents with Tsesnabank?

Answer: It is not required to re-open any accounts. No changes are required to the existing agreements because of the rebranding either. First Heartland Jýsan Bank will continue to provide all the services in full.

4. Question: Are any of the Tsesnabank bank cards required to be re-issued?

Answer: No cards are required to be reissued. First Heartland Jýsan Bank will continue to provide all the services in full. The rebranding process will be implemented gradually step-by-step. As the new cards are issued, we will eventually change their design.

5. Question: Will Tsesnabank cards service tariffs be revised?

Answer: The bank cards service tariffs will not be changed.

6. Question: Are any delays/ failures expected to occur in cash withdrawals from Tsesnabank JSC ATMs or cash offices?

Answer: The rebranding has no impact on the Bank's transaction activities. There are no restrictions to cash withdrawals from the First Heartland Jýsan Bank cash offices or ATMs. The limits on cash withdrawals from other banks' ATMs are established by such banks at their sole discretion.

7. Question: Will my Tsesnabank personal manager be changed?

Answer: No, all managers continue to work as usual.

8. Question: Will the Tsesnabank contact data, telephone numbers, website, е-mail, office locations be changed?

Answer: The contact numbers and office locations will not change. The website and e-mail addresses will be eventually changed, however we will use the URL redirect functionality for the old addresses, and will keep you informed.

9. Question: Will Tsesna24 mobile application be available?

Answer: Tsesna24 mobile application has been operating as usual. Reregistration of the Bank's user credentials with App Store and Google Play will take some time, therefore the Application of a new corporate style will be automatically downloaded to your smartphones via the Update Application functionality within one month after the Bank's constituent documents are reregistered. Until that time, the Application will remain unchanged.

10. Question: Will any terms of Tsesnabank payment and banking services be changed?

Answer: The rebranding will have no impact on the Bank's transaction activities. All the Bank's products and services will be available as usual.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact the Bank's round-the-clock Call Center at the short mobile telephone number 7711 or contact us at

You can read all the Bank's news on its website or official pages in Facebook and Instagram social media.

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