Western Union

Western Union Corporation has been providing money transfer services since 1871. Each money transfer is protected with a reliable world-class security system to guarantee that the money will be paid solely to the specified person.

Advantages of the system:

  • high speed money remittance to any place in the world where Western Union branches are available;
  • speed, reliability, convenience and a simple procedure;
  • possibility to send a written message and notification together with the money transfer;
  • cash transfer fee is to be paid by the Sender only;
  • possibility to receive the money in the currency of the Recipient's country

Money transfer currencies – USD, KZT.


Western Union money transfers at Jusan Bank:

1. There are two money transfer tariffs: "Expedited" and "12 Hours"

The money transferred at the "12 Hours" tariff may be paid out upon expiration of 12 hours after the dispatch time.

2. Cash to an account – a money transfer by an individual who is not required to open any account, to be credited within 24 hours within 24 hours to the other individual's account with a bank outside Kazakhstan.

3. Quick Cash – payments that are made on behalf of a legal entity* to an individual.


*Such payments may be made only if the company has signed an Agreement with Western Union.

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