KoronaPay – Money Transfers is an instant money transfer service that does not require opening of a bank account, with over 49 thousand outlets in Russia, CIS and foreign countries. More than 550 banks are currently engaged in the service.

Advantages of the system:

  • Speed – money transferred can be received several minutes after;
  • Convenience - it is sufficient to specify only the country and city the money will be transmitted to. The recipient will be able to choose a preferable cash pickup location at his/her discretion;
  • Follow up – it is possible to check up the money transfer status online and round-the-clock through the KoronaPay – Money Transfers website;
  • Affordability – the fees for money transfers within Russia and CIS countries are among the lowest ones

Money transfer currencies – RUB, USD, EUR, KZT

Special 0% tariff for hard currency transfers:

The special tariff is applicable, if a currency is converted at the KoronaPay exchange rate established at the time of the money remittance. When executing a money transfer at the bank, the sender shall choose a currency the recipient would like to receive*.


KoronaPay money transfers at Jusan Bank:

  1. Money transmitted using the recipient's full name
  2. Money transfers to foreign banks' cards (Russian banks, Ukraine banks)

Money transmitted through the KoronaPay – Money Transfers service may be received at any location preferred in the specified city. KoronaPay money transfers are addressless, and are not tied to any particular pickup location. The sender shall only specify a country and city where the money will be issued.

More details of the KoronaPay – Money Transfers service are available on www.koronapay.com or from the round-the-clock Support Service at +7 (495) 96-00-555 (calls are subject to tariffs established according to the communication provider rules).


*Please request for the updated information of the currencies available for each country, from a bank operator when executing a money transfer.

The KoronaPay payment system operator is "Payment Center" Credit Union (LTD), Central Bank of the RF License # 3166-К dated 14.04.2014, registration number 0012 dated 20.12.2012. The full list of entities providing the KoronaPay – Money Transfers services is available at the website koronapay.com

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